26 июля - 01 августа 2017   № 7-8 (2195) Издается с 1990 г.
Washington establishment against Trump
Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election is the most powerful challenge for the Washington establishment from the one-story deep America in the last century. Absolutely unsystematic Trump thanks to support of the American province had defeated megalopolises of both coasts and the Washington establishment.

But the Washington establishment and metrosexuals of the coastal cities recovered from the shock in which they plunged after Trump's victory. Journalists, who "overlooked" Trump's victory, casting aside professional ethics, de facto engaged in politics and the fight against Trump.

So it is clear that in this fight there an external enemy will be needed. If it were possible to blame Trump in plotting with aliens to capture America, then American journalists and the Washington establishment would immediately do it. Nevertheless it would look absolutely absurd; therefore Russians and the Kremlin have been selected for the role of aliens.

Russia quickly took the place in conspiracy plots that the Japanese had in the 1970s, Saudi princes in the 1990s, Chinese in the first decade of this century with the filing of American mass media. Russia became an information brand on the American media market. Washington establishment tightly linked this brand with Trump.

It is clear that the brand of "Russian intervention" is living for a long time not in the real life, but in the virtual, according to the laws comparable to the saga "Star Wars". Do I need to prove to the Star Wars fans the existence of Darth Vader? Of course not. They do believe in this. Similarly, the Americans do not need to be proved in the existences of Kremlin brand and "Russian intervention" in American life. This brand exists in the minds of Americans thanks to the press and television. And it does not matter that in real life there is no such thing. The main thing is that it exists in the imagination. Therefore, in our time it is a reality.

After Trump's victory, America turned into The Divided States of America. On one side are Trump and one-story America, on the other side are megapolises of both coasts, American journalists and Washington establishment. After the fall of the monuments, the admirers of the Confederates and the reviving shadow of General Lee joined Trump rows.

Shadow of General Lee and the "intervention of Russia" - these are the things of the same matter. Nevertheless, the opponents of Trump with rapture are fighting with the monuments to the Confederate and with their own invented image of "Russian intervention".

It is no secret that many world capitals were upseted by Trump's victory. Even more a number of capitals in Asia have large resources to help the Washington establishment to throw off Trump. Why the FBI ignores the possible links of the opponents of Trump with the some Asian countries capitals?

In fact, a new civil war began in America. On one side are Trump and one-story America, on the other the Washington establishment, American journalists, mega-cities of both coasts and opponents of Trump from some Asian countries. Who of them will win, only time will show.

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