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What is truth
How do we know what is true. If our actions are based upon our belief of what is true, then both our information and our existing beliefs for the basis of what we define as true. In Syria, the Assad regime is again accused of using chemical weapons on their citizens. The United Nations has inspectors in Damascus, investigating past accusations, which have been denied.

After bombing Syria
President Obama and congress are deciding how they will attack Syria. Every action has consequences beyond those intended. The action may be carefully planned.

Latvian Dissident Narrates New Youtube Video about the EBRD
Latvian dissident John Christmas has narrated a new Youtube video about the Latvian Financial Crisis, which was caused by the bailout of Parex Bank by the Latvian government and EBRD.

The red line
The debate of going to war has taken place in the british parliament and is the central issue of the american congress. This public discussion of life and death has been produced by president Barack Obama’s statement one year ago that use of chemical weapons by the syrian government would be a ‘red line’, which would produce a military response.

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